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When Pearls Sting

Finally Pearls Infrastructure Delhi Couture Week did take off on the scheduled day. If you wondering why Pearls Delhi Couture Week suddenly became Pearls Infrastructure Delhi Couture Week, blame it on a conspiracy. Just a day before the Couture week was to start, Pearl Academy of Fashion Design filed a ‘Copyright’ lawsuit on the title ‘Pearls’ in the High Court demanding a Stay on the event.

I agree Pearl Academy has all the right to file a suit on the title but I wonder why they waited till the penultimate day of the event to file the suit when Pearls Delhi Couture Week was announced almost a month and half back and was extensively covered by media. The whole thing stinks of conspiracy to sabotage the event.

 Anyway, FDCI did manage to counter the lawsuit and to satisfy Pearl Academy’s concern, the title was modified and the word ‘Infrastructure’ was added to differentiate the Sponsor Group from Pearl Academy.

full story:



Librarian Pearl Academy

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