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importance of professional courses

Success is the catchword these days, the more victorious; more popularity one gains among its audience. People these days are more excited about earning fame and glory as soon as possible. Also, with the globalization of the world, the need of the skilled labor is increasing. The route to success is getting shorter with the opening up of varied prospects and fields, one can adopt as his career. The students are therefore, grabbing these opportunities and are very keen to structure their career according to the need of the hour.

To make students specialize on their respective subjects or to have an early work start, many institutes and colleges are coming up with professional courses in various fields. The idea and the approach for a stable career among students have changed to a great extent. Earlier, students used to consume five to seven years of their life doing graduation, post graduation and then doctorate or some other degrees. This used to be a very hectic procedure with the students only mugging up for half of their lives, without actual implementation of the same. Though this is great and still followed by people who are keen to do in- depth studies in their subjects, but students who want to start their professional career with in three or four years, or even less than that, after completing senior secondary education, go for professional courses.

Professional courses are the education or curriculum designed, keeping in mind the need of a particular industry, courses like this are very focused and future oriented. Professional courses have gained importance in the recent years, with the graph going high for job opportunities in the respective sectors. A professional course helps students to get trained and aware of the latest trends in the market and the respective work environments. These courses can be in the form of degree or diploma certificates depending upon their curriculum and the time period.

These professional courses are available in every field, few of the subjects or courses available are:

v     Medicine or pharmaceuticals

v     Architecture

v     Mass communication

v     Photographer

v     Physiotherapy

v     Naturopathy

v     Public relations

v     Beautician

v     Fashion Designing

v     Film making courses

v     Hotel Management

v     Travel and tourism

v     Event Management

v     Management courses

v     Journalism

Though all institutes, these days, facilitates its students with professional courses, other than the regular degrees, some of the colleges providing, professional courses are:

v     Delhi Faculty of Arts

v     Indraprastha College for Women

v     Xavier institute of Communication, Mumbai

v     Indian Institute of Travel and Tourism Management, Gwalior (IITM)

v     Indian Institute of Mass Communication

v     National College for Hotel Management and Catering Technology, Pusa, New Delhi

v     National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT)

v     National Institute of Design, Ahemdabad

v     Pearl Academy of Fashion

v     Jamia Milia Islamia

v     Film and Television Institute of India, Pune

v     Mudra Institute of Communications, Ahemdabad

v     Sikkim Manipal University

v     National institute of Tourism and Hospitality Management, Hyderabad (NITHM)




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