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Make a burgeoning career in retail management

Retail is the fastest growing sector in India today. With many big players a foot in the industry, the sector is expected to grow manifold. The growing number of shopping centers and department stores, has shown endless job opportunities in India and abroad. Industry experts estimate a growth of 30-40 percent in India in the retail and there will be a requirement for about 80 lakh trained professionals .. Therefore, it is an opportune time to take a course in retail management and bag a job in this exciting area to participate. Recognizing the demand for skilled workers in the sector, many institutes have started courses and training programs at undergraduate and postgraduate professionals for the industry to create. Here you find all the information you might need during in Retail Management / strong.

Retail is more organized and efficient. The retail revolution has changed not only the urban lifestyle, but also the lifestyle in small towns. So, for a recent graduate of retail management, there are opportunities galore across the country in books and publishing, music shops, multiplexes, shopping malls, garment industry and also in processed foods. Who should be an independent degree in retail management, ideally over the past> Higher Secondary or 10 +2 examination.

The curriculum for retail management is comprehensive and includes detailed information on , marketing information, financial management, accounting, retail, brand management, retail, corporate communication, psychology of retail customers, management of electronic products in retail, marketing and corporate communications, promotion of public Management shares / strong, customer relationship, business ethics, management and organizational behavior, quantitative methods in retailing.

In the retail sector, the greatest demand for an effective manager of retail. Then there are elements such as Warehouse Management, Purchasing Operations Manager, department heads and staff of customer service. The options are in human resources, finance and management system.

There are many institutions offer, the courses in retail management. Such an institute is Welingkar Institute of Management Development and Research, Nordrhein-Westfalen that a two-year program that specializes in the retail offering. The courses offered by the Institute, a postgraduate course in retail management. The Institute promises campus placements in various retail stores such as Pantaloon, Shopper’s Stop, Globus and Westside.

Birla Institute of Management Technologyin New Delhi offers a two-year Post Graduate Diploma in Retail Merchandising and Management (PGDRMM). The course offers training in retail merchandising and management with a mixture of the interaction of the industry. We have to qualify the CAT, MAT entrance exam and then clear an interview for the admission cycle. The Institute also offers services to the youth hostel. It is an active program of campus placement.

The curriculum includes concepts of distribution and the Environment, Marketing Management, Merchandising Management, Corporate Communications, Retail and Administration, Research Methods.

 Madurai Kamaraj South University has developed new courses in retail management can be offered for distance education through its Directorate. The course includes new Diploma in Retail Management, Master of Business Administration in Retail Management and a Bachelor of Business Administration from the same discipline.

Mumbai, KJ Somaiya Institute of Management and the research offers a degree in management from the retailer. This is a full-time over two years and covers a broad spectrum of topics related to general management, retail management, operations and general knowledge and practical experience in the offices / branches Pantaloon Retail (India) Limited.

Some other institutes offering courses in retail management in India are Asia-Pacific Institute Of Management, New Delhi, Indian Retail School, New Delhi, Sasmira, Mumbai, Garware Institute of Education and Career Development, Mumbai, Pearl Academy of Fashion , New Delhi, Mudra Institute of Communications, Ahmedabad, Retailers Association of India, Mumbai, Kohinoor Business School Khandala and Apeejay Institute of Advanced Studies, Business, Gurgaon, plus others. Then there is the Metropolitan Institute of Management, Pune, Retail Academy in Ahmedabad, the Institute for RPG Retail Management in Chennai, Ebony Retail Academy in New Delhi and Vidya Institute for Women in New Delhi.

Once an applicant has acquired the necessary qualification in retail management, he / she can expect a successful career. The Indian retail sector is set to witness positive changes in the coming years. The future of retail in India seems very clear and it can offer rewarding job opportunities. In fact, in terms of employment opportunities, the sector could soon overtake other lucrative career as a new generation of IT, BPO and hospitality. A person with a knack for good planning, identification of needs, the ability to interact with people with problem solving and timely information to make decisions can easily make a career in this field. Pleasing manners, imagination and memory are assets in this area was added. There are enough places in entry-level to executive.




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