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Ruchika Sachdeva

Tailoring, lots of structuring with a bit of futuristic touches, some embellishments and surface detailing was juxtapositioned, and the line of women’s wear was ideal for the modern lady who wants something out of the ordinary. Ruchika Sachdeva’s collection called Biomechanics had the fabric base that ranged from cotton silk, wool crepe and pure wool in shades of black grey and white. Convention was not seen too much in the garments, instead there was that touch of avant garde styling that could become a talking point for many. Intricate metallic back stripes or elaborate work on the jumpsuits, mini rompers will power low crotch pants and long lean dresses with front detailing gave the ultra stylish look.


RUCHIKA SACHDEVA is a fashion designer who, after finishing a year of foundation in Fashion Design and Technology from Pearl Academy of Fashion, took a transfer to London College of Fashion to complete her bachelor’s degree in the same. Fashion defines the outlook of an individual, forms the first impression and should be taken very seriously. With her label she envisions to question conventions and challenge aesthetics. Her style is very androgynous but also alluring while concentrating on the tailoring, structure, juxtaposition, futurism, ornamentation and surface manipulation to provide modern women with fresh and contemporary ensembles.




Librarian Pearl Academy

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