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Sophie Choudhary exchanges industry knowledge with students at Pearl Academy of Fashion

Students from Pearl Academy of Fashion got the opportunity to interact with Ms. Sophie Choudhary (Model/ VJ and actress), in her capacity as the brand ambassador of Madame, Women’s fashion clothing brand, on October 27. She discussed styling and fashion tips with the students of the academy at the Delhi campus.

Students from Pearl Academy of Fashion are provided such opportunities and platforms to interact with fashion and lifestyle industry icons on the regular basis. Not only does this give them an insight into the industry but broadens their thinking process and approach towards the fashion world.

In the session, she discussed nuances of contemporary trends in styling, looks and fashion. Students were excited to know from her about her transition through different career phases as well as her philosophy to the world of music, films and entertainment. As styling students, they were keen to get to know from her, issues related to technical inputs towards styling and image for music videos and similar shoots. As fans, there is an interest to learn about her role models and style icons, her favorites as well as her goals and future plans.

In a retail industry Conference held earlier this week by Pearl Academy of Fashion titled- ‘Continuum’, industry experts outlined that the booming economy which is steadily moving towards touching multi trillion dollars, coupled with a huge young population, which wants to consume more and more, will act as a robust base for retail to grow at a fast pace. Hence, Keeping in mind the ever-changing trends and shifts which the retail business is currently witnessing and is predicted to foresee in the coming years, fashion students must have industry exposure to get a better understanding on the sector.

Highlighting the enormous opportunities of the retail sector, Mr. B.S. Nagesh, Vice Chairman and MD, Shopper’s Stop said “In the next 5 years Indian retail will quadruple in size, one because of new players entering who will expand the market and secondly the consumers spend is growing at a rapid space. There are as many customers in the Indian market, as long as one remains focused and values customer service and relationship, one need not worry.”

The objective of the interactive session with Ms. Sophie Choudhary was to enrich the learning experience of the students through exchange of industry knowledge and know- how by industry leaders and icons.




Librarian Pearl Academy

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