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Are you ready for a career in fashion design?

In the last decade, India fashion gradually come of age. The profession of fashion designer has emerged as one of the types of careers among young people. These young have their own creative style of dressing and believe in setting a trend rather than following a trend set by others. A career in fashion design not only involves glamorous people know and interact with the rich and famous but also gives a boost to the creative talent of people who have a sense of style. The main areas industry are functional design of clothing, fabric cutting, sewing and last parts of merchandising. Outreach and marketing of products of various styles is through programs ramp and fashion write-ups.

A fashion designer must be artistic and creative. They should be able to express their ideas in the sketch. There may be a brilliant artist, but must be able to match colors, shades and tones. The designers have the talent to create with fabric and know how to use textiles effectively. Designers need to have visual imagination and the ability to think in three dimensions that translate into clothes that view.

A fashion designer must be aware of fashion and should be aware of market needs. For an international perspective, you should read more and more magazines international fashion and art history books. You should also visit various art galleries and exhibitions, and interact with traditional artists whenever they get chance. As a designer should have knowledge and experience of basic coping skills ie cutting, sewing, draping etc., plus it must be able to distinguish between the various fabric quality and particular about choosing a good fabric to work.

Knowledge of market and customer lifestyle necessary, so the design is suitable for people who are made for. Designers must be good communicator and very clear with your ideas as reflected in the presentation fashion show.

Career scope and timing

Fashion has a wide range to choose a career. Fashion design as a career blends the color, shade and tone of textiles, fabrics and embellishments. These are areas such as creative design and drawing, pattern making, sewing and embroidery technology manufacturing of clothing, methods of construction, textile science, fabric dyeing and printing and computer-aided design. Now the industry Fashion has become so specialized that covers a vast field of study in design concept, the management of fashion design production, quality control, planning, web design, print, fashion marketing, textile science, color marketing mix, and so on. The main areas of work in the fashion industry are market research, design and manufacture of garments and textiles. fashion design career is the most important area work in the fashion industry. The design involves creating original designs after studying the changing trends of market research market, ie. There are several areas of expertise such as shoes, clothing, shoes, jewelry and even. It is a difficult as it requires coordination of the various offices of fashion, even in small companies is usually a spectacle of a man, but in large organizations are specialized jobs and assigned to different people. There is scope for a lot of careers within the fashion industry itself and with the proper requirements should find no problem establishing of itself in the field. Apart from being a fashion designer, you can even choose different races as indicated below.

Options career


There is enormous scope for fashion marketing at the local and export market. It These organizations work to retail and wholesale purchasing, marketing, sales, operations, warehousing, distribution of goods planning and sales support. You need to have a good background in the textile industry and possess effective communication skills. In recent times, traders also are conducting market research within the fashion industry. Most traders are required to travel extensively throughout the country and abroad. There are no time fixed and traders often work late into the night. This job requires a person to be at work, in the act of breaking down the right deals. This is a great determination patience and an eye for detail


Illustrator draws a freehand sketches of design ideas s’. Not only the needs of its extraordinary draw at the same time require excellent communication skills. Illustrator sometimes has to discuss with customers when presented the new collection, and this requires the ability to interact. He / she is a much sought after by clothing stores and large organizations.

Fashion Consultant

A fashion consultant should be aware of trends and transitions in the fashion market with knowledge about fashion design. It is expected that periodically offer ideas on how to develop a product that is easily absorbed into the market. He or she must be a sharp observer sensitive to changing trends.

Wizard Cutting

He has to cut samples according to the specifications of the designer. A wizard cutting short samples makes and alters patterns for the design viewed can be converted into a real dress.

Drawing Assistant

An assistant Drawing makes technical drawings of garments and makes drawings for presentation. It is from these sketches the specification, which you choose a garment must be made. The design assistant sometimes has to select the fabric also.

fashion stylist

A fashion stylist has to coordinate the entire wardrobe for a fashion show or a program to promote sales of products. It seeks to coordinate clothing, accessories, makeup, hair, even the nail polish color model according to the theme and overall appearance of the series. Sometimes a stylist is even involved in fabric selection. He / she has to be well versed in the trends and developments in the industry and also have a keen sense of current fashion trends

Cutting Wizard

He has to cut samples according to the specifications of the designer. A short cut samples assistant, marks and alters the patterns to see design viewed can be converted into a real dress.

Drawing Assistant

A wizard makes drawing technical drawings of clothing and making drawings for presentation. It is from these sketches the specification, you decide how a garment has to be fabricated. Wizard drawing sometimes has to select the fabric also.

Fashion Stylist

A fashion designer has to coordinate all the costumes for a fashion show or a program to promote sales of products. It seeks to coordinate clothing, accessories, makeup, hair, even the color of nail polish the model according to the theme and overall look of the series. Sometimes a stylist is even involved in fabric selection. He / she must be well versed in trends and developments in the industry and also have a keen sense of current fashion trends


He plays a vital role in the textile industry, printers, stereo. He is involved in block printing or machine printing. You should keep a registration of color samples and pieces of cloth and have to work in a high paced environment to meet deadlines. The colorist has to be very organized and must follow precise instructions carefully.

Textile Designer

Textile designer makes the design and style of textiles related industries clothing. A person must possess technical expertise to serve the textile industry, both surface and structural design. People who specialize in this area, the work of textile designers and embroidery, as well as print, embroidered fabrics and stylists. You can also participate in the sale and purchase of fabrics and embellishments. Ally is another field of textile technology, which emphasizes the analysis of performance of the fabric.

Pattern Manufacturer

pattern introduces people to the procedures in the industry as the basic block development and operation of the sewing machine. Creators patterns that work of several components of clothing and professional development of the blocks to create patterns of specific design problems. This is producing a finished garment a framework and therefore a course of pattern and garment construction is ideal preparation for an eventual ownership or management of a manufacturing facility clothing. However, good pattern makers can also hang themselves.

When to study?

training institutes that teach beginners the fundamentals of design and fashion are proving to be a hotbed of talent. Although beware of false institutes that are mushrooming all over trying to lure unsuspecting students with the glamor and hype surrounding fashion. The fashion industry also has evolved over time with the functions of each other more specialized. Training, qualification and experience in the field are vital if one is looking work in this dynamic field.

Here are some of the leading fashion design schools in India:

National Institute of Technology Fashion (NIFT)
NIFT Campus
Near Gulmohar Park
Hauz Khas
New Delhi-110 016
Tel: 6965059, 6965080, 6964771.
Fax: 6851198
Web Site:

Pearl Academy of Fashion (PAF)
C-56 / 2, Okhla Industrial Area, Phase-II,
New Delhi-110 020
Tel: 6849403, 6839414
Fax: 6849401
Web Site:

National Institute of Fashion Design (NIFD)
Campus South Delhi
Hauz Khas Enclave,
New Delhi – 110016
Tel: 6968868, 6531846
Fax: 6968868
Web site:

JD Institute of Fashion Technology
3 Lal Haveli, Hauz Khas Village
New Delhi-110 016
Tel: 6964151, 6856457
Fax: 6519482
Web Site:

IEC School of art and fashion (IEC-SAF)
IEC House, M-92, Cannaught Place,
New Delhi 110,001
Tel: 3325667, 3325938
Fax: 3353913
Web Site:

International Institute of Fashion Technology (IIFT)
H-12, South Extension Part I
New Delhi-110 049
Tel: 4620430, 4629370
Web Site:

Apeejay Institute of Design and Information Technology (AIDIT)
54, Tughlakabad Institutional Area
Badarpur road Meherauli
New Delhi-110 062
Tel: 6981050, 6989459
Fax: 6980208

Where to find more information Training Institute?

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