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Jewellery design in Jaipur by Pearl Academy of Fashion

Indians have been using jewellery for adornment since centuries. The significance of jewellery in the country is evident from the fact that on many auspicious occasions, jewellery forms a part of gifts.

The jewellery sector in India is worth over US$16.7 billion per annum. The sector forms nearly 20% of the country’s exports. As a result of socio-economic changes, jewellery is quickly becoming a lifestyle product. As consumers become more aesthetically conscious and quality becomes standardized, design concerns emerge. Design is therefore the key element which drives demand and sales. The scale of the industry and the paucity of trained designers offer ample scope for professionals in this field.

Pearl Academy of Fashion taps two vibrant and flourishing industry sectors in Jaipur – the fashion industry and the jewellery industry. Rajasthan is the most preferred destination for investments in major sectors. Easy availability of raw resources makes it the natural choice for agro, minerals and jewellery based industries.

 The fashion industry in Jaipur is unique from the point of view value addition in terms of rich heritage crafts, primarily prints, embroidery and traditional craft work. Its strategic location makes it conveniently connected to northern and western India, both in terms of source markets, as well as destination markets. Rajasthan has already emerged as a major centre for higher/ vocational education, and Jaipur offers excellent infrastructural support, in addition to a safe and progressive living environment. For centuries, Jaipur has been a world-renowned center for sourcing of fine-cut precious and semi-precious gemstones. With heavy investment in technology, gemstone cutters have forward integrated and have started jewellery manufacturing.

During the four year under- graduate programme for Accessories and Jewellery design, at Pearl Academy of Fashion students are imparted with an understanding and awareness of historical, social and cultural contexts; they also hone their knowledge of contemporary design issues, drawing upon a historical continuum. There is emphasis on individual visual research, design presentation techniques, practical & theoretical aspects of gemology, jewellery construction and technical communication.

Students are provided a need based opportunity in studying an international language such as German/French/Spanish/ Chinese depending upon market/industry need and for better prospects of the students’ professional career. Once graduated students get the opportunities to work as Designers with Production Houses, Fashion Jewellery Designers, Accessory Designers etc.




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