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Washington For Proactive Dialogue Between India And Pak: Roemer

The US welcomes the dialogue between India and Pakistan and hopes this would improve bilateral relations between the two neighbours. Timothy Roemer, the US Ambassador to India said this at New Delhi. He was interacting with the media persons during his visit to a school run by SEWA (Self Employed Women’s Association), a non-governmental organization in the national capital.

Showing the good signs and relations between India and US, Roemer added that on the earlier visit to India of US President Barack Obama said that India and US are two great powers and should work for the better security for the globe. He also noted that India and Pakistan showed signs of creating dialogue between them in month of February and US would support and welcome the dialogue between both the countries and would also outreach the discussion. “When President Obama was here and in his historic speech to the Parliament, he said that the United States and India, as two great global powers can work together, to make for better security for the globe. He was very honoured to be asked, speak to the Indian people in the parliament and he was talking about opportunities for United States and India work together. That is the job that I am tasked with as the United State’s Ambassador and if you have heard me saying many times before, with India and Pakistan decide as they have recently announced, they will talk more in February. The United States supports that and welcome this communication and then outreach then that discussion,” said ambassador Timothy Roemer Further he highlighted that India’s role as a global partner of the United States. He said that education is one of the crucial endeavours where both India and US can work together. “He (Obama) talked about how important the India is as a global partner for the United States, working with India on economic and trade matters. So we are cooperating with the intelligence sharing and on counter terrorism operations. Education is one of the most important endeavours that these two great powers can work together towards and today my visit to this new school announcing the Secretary Clinton’s initiative of a hundred thousand dollar grant to help Sewa and the Pearl Academy of Fashion have begun this operation to educate India’s future and it is one of the important visit that I can make,” noted Roemer He observed militancy can emanates from many places in the world and that is why it is critical for US to work with its trusted friends like India to counter this global evil. Roemer said he is proud to sign a historic counter terrorism Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with India and both the countries are working together on mega police training, forensic training, on border patrol and even cyber security issue to prevent from any major mishap.




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