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Age of innocence

While going out for a party, most skip the thin line between dressing well and dressing their age. Voluminous dresses and loud make-up which ages them far beyond their years, is what many girls and boys are going in for often confusing between goth-punk and the “aged” look.

Take a cue from Hailee Steinfeld, the 14-year-old Oscar nominee, who wore a cute age-appropriate dress by Prabal Gurung at the Golden Globes and won accolades for her look, as opposed to teen queen Miley Cyrus who often comes across as much older than her 18 years.

Style gurus also advise teenagers to dress apt for their age. Fashion designer Nida Mahmood says that young girls have an entire life to dress up as grown-ups. “Don’t let go of your innocence,” she says. “While dressing up, enjoy the state of being carefree, but timid,” she adds.

Nida says revealing clothes are a big no-no for young girls. “It’s always nice to wear stuff, which is girly and feminine. Try floral prints and experiment with colours instead of going bare dare,” she suggests. “Also, make-up should be avoided. Instead, opt for a few delicate pieces of jewellery,” adds stylist Sadat Karim, who adds that looking nice is often confused with looking old.

“The trend can also be attributed to the fact that those going to college and even school are taking up cool jobs, and earning good money these days. They also slip into early maturity, and that shows even in the way they dress up,” adds Nida. But fashionista Sameera Khosla says that it’s ok to follow a trend as long as one can carry it off well. “You wouldn’t want to look silly in a dress which is trendy, but feel forever conscious about its length or worry about the neckline that’s too deep or too suffocating. The mantra is, be comfortable,” adds the second year student of Pearl Academy of Fashion. “I think jeans and a smart top is an ultimate combination and will never go out of vogue. It looks cool, is smart and a chic top adds glitz to the casual look,” says Ridhima, a fashion student. Her friend Aakriti adds, “It’s always cool to dress casually and wear something that is stylish yet comfortable. It’s important to look relaxed.”




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