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Pearl Academy of Fashion launches Communication Design programme

Pearl Academy of Fashion, Chennai launched the Communication Design BA (Hons.) 4 yrs undergraduate programme which is set to open new frontiers for students seeking careers in the fast-paced and rapidly growing creative media industry.

Mr. S. Ramalingam, Pearl Academy of Fashion, Chennai, Director said “Creative industries account for more than 7% of the world’s gross domestic product. Communication across advertising, visual communication, publishing, television, web, etc. is changing rapidly because of technological innovation, integration and the increasingly borderless global economy. Creating a personal and visual vocabulary through form, proportion, image and word has become an integral part of communication.”

He added that the programme, which will be helmed by Ms. Sumita Sarkar, Head of Communication Design, Pearl Academy of Fashion, Delhi and built in tandem with the industry’s needs, will equip students with content development in different communication media like print, web, animation, film, photography and spatial design. The programme in Delhi has been running successfully for the past 8 years.

Through this programme students will experientially acquire problem solving skills in visualization, execution, aesthetics, visual message development in 2D, 3D and moving media formats. Grounded in communication theory, basic marketing and research, the students will develop communication strategies with consideration to context, market influencers and audiences and learn to execute them appropriately in different media.

Beyond developing visual skills and a strong understanding of different software, the programme will enable students to :

  • Apply their knowledge of different media to varying situations with ease,
  • Have vast career options ranging from working in specialized design houses or advertising agencies
  • Gain a basic specialization in animation and moving graphics, experience design and visual merchandising or new media design and become an industry ready professional in these fields
  • Obtain an internationally recognized degree through NTU,
  • Opportunities for a semester of exchange at design institutions in India and abroad,
  • Special scholarships on tuition fees at world famous design institutions in Italy (NABA and DOMUS Academy) for their Masters degrees should they wish to specialize further
  • Professional links with industry for industry and placement.

Upon completion of the course, students have many avenues to build their career path ranging from Design houses, advertising agencies, publishing houses, event management firms, multi-media and web-design firms, television production houses and animation design firms.

source: Business Standard



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