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PAF opens new avenues for existing & past students

Pearl Academy of Fashion, which recently introduced various new initiatives aimed at opening new frontiers for its existing base of students including attractive bursaries to pursue summer courses and postgraduate studies at NABA and Domus Academy in Milan, extended some of these to its alumni during the gathering in Jaipur. This is aimed at ensuring its students, be it past, present or future, are constantly in a position to scale new heights, PAF Jaipur Director Mr. Arindam Das said.

Mr. Das added “Education is not only the driving force for a person to move ahead in life but also the inspiration to take an occasional pause and reflect back, connect with one’s alma mater and share the key learnings and experiences that can impact the lives of other alumni.”

Pearl Academy of Fashion constantly seeks new avenues and ways to bring together its alumni community on a common platform to build another channel of personal and professional support for its alumni and student community. In addition to sharing the latest industry news, developments and technology updates, alumni gatherings are also important for networking purposes and the establishment of industry advisory boards that can help shape and define the entire industry.

Some of the alumni present at the meet were Ms. Malvika Kaur Bajaj who is with Yash Raj Films, Mumbai, Ms. Khushboo Yenorkar who works with Tarun Tahiliani) and Ms. Ritu Rathore who has launched her own brand “Walnut”. Also there were Ms. Priyanka Jaswani and Ms. Kirti Baid who have successfully started their own design studio “Itreal” in Jaipur; and Ms. Atushi Verma and Ms. Ritu Maurya who are with the jewellery company Geetanjali.

source: fiber2fashion



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