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New Students at Pearl Academy of Fashion Stand to Win Attractive Scholarships

Pearl Academy of Fashion (PAF), Jaipur in association with NABA and Domus Academy (Italy) today announced the launch of “Main, Duniya aur Design” scholarships for candidates enrolling in the 2011 session of Pearl Academy of Fashion, Jaipur.

A simple 50 word statement on ‘Main, DuniyaAur Design’ or “AVision of Yourself and the World of Design” can open the doors to endless possibilities for the successful applicants. Interested applicants can submit their entries through multiple platforms including handing in the official Competition Form (hard copy) or via e-mail, Facebook, or the PAF website, by May 7, 2011 to be in the running for these awards. Participants will then receive an invite to the competition’s second phase and the Grand Finale on 14 May 2011, which will also see a dazzling display of fashion by a talented group of Malaysian design students.

Mr Arindam Das, Director, Pearl Academy of Fashion, Jaipur said: “Fashion is all about creativity and this should be expressed in multiple ways. Pearl Academy of Fashion is excited about creating this unique platform for young students to express themselves creatively. Our goal is to train professionals with a comprehensive range of cognitive and intellectual skills, planned to develop across a wide range of learning experiences. This competition is just one step in that direction.”

The Grand Finale, which includes the International Fashion Show,will be held at Pearl Academy of Fashion’s Jaipur campus. Expert jury members selected by PAF will shortlist the winning entries.

“This innovative contest addresses sentiments of the youth and taps their emotions, intent and aspirations. A student could speak about where he stands and where he would like to visualize himself. Interestingly, the use of ‘Hinglish’is permitted,”Mr Das added.

Winners of the competition will get either a PAF Jaipur Tuition Scholarship or an opportunity to visit PAF’s partner institutions in Europe – NABA and Domus – both leading design schools in the world.

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