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Pearl Academy of Fashion celebrates the Grand Finale of “Main Duniya Aur Design” at Fashion Show in Jaipur

Students from Pearl Academy of Fashion (PAF), Jaipur and PJ College of Art and Design, Malaysia presented their collections at an International Fashion show organized by PAF Jaipur at its campus as a part of the Grand Finale of the “Main Duniya and Design” Contest. PAF Jaipur and PJ College of Art and Design, Kula Lumpur, Malaysia- participated to display the collection of talented students from their respective institutes. PAF mesmerized the audience with the Alumni collection, an in-house student’s collection and Jewellery design collection.

Students from PJ College of Art and Design, meanwhile, presented an avant-garde ‘paper dresses’ collection by Mathilda Low, Mohd Nizam and Gerald Chia – all of whom were finalists in the recently concluded Mercedes-Benz STYLO Emerging Designers Competition in Malaysia.

Petaling Jaya College of Art & Design (PJCAD) is one of Malaysia’s leading specialist private art and design institutions. The synergy between the two is part of a concerted initiative by PAF to expose its students to international influences and styles. Apart from the exchange of knowledge and resources with the design school in Malaysia, PAF students were also offered scholarships to pursue summer courses in NABA and Domus Academy in Milan, Italy.

Mr. Arindam Das, Director, Pearl Academy of Fashion, Jaipur said: “This is a very exciting event for our faculty and students as it allows us to realize our goal of global articulation programmes. Our students have benefited immensely by this exchange and we look forward to creating other similar platforms of international exchange. “

Nikhil Arora, Senior Vice President said that this is a great platform for Pearl and the city of Jaipur city to connect to the global fashion world in addition to providing students an opportunity to demonstrate their creativity. “Additionally, we also want to showcase the local heritage of the state. As part of the initiative, we invited 40 local craftsmen and artists in partnership with Access Development Services to visit our campus. Dhiraj Kumar, Head of Jewelry Design, is leading an initiative on creating programs in the Costume Jewelry segment to help marginalized communities enhance their skills and increase their competitiveness in the jewelry industry.”

Meanwhile, the Chief Executive of PJCAD, Mr David Liew, said that he was very happy with the collaboration with PAF Jaipur as it helped the faculty and students of PJCAD appreciate the tapestry of art, design and heritage that India offers. “By being in the heart of Rajasthan, arguably one of the most evocative parts of India, we are able to appreciate the true value of its influence on fashion and design the world over. The students from India are incredibly talented and passionate and I look forward to a long-term synergy with PAF as there are clear and tangible benefits for all.”
The winner of “Main Duniya and Design” contest was also announced at the event. The winners were presented with awards and certificates as well as an opportunity to get future scholarships.

source: PR Urgent


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