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Admission open for professional programmes

Pearl Academy of Fashion opens Admission for

Post Graduate Certificate Programme in Entrepreneurship for the Creative Industries (30 seats)

Advance Certificate Professional Programmes in:

1. Textile Design for Products and Accessories (20 seats)
2. Apparel Merchandising and Marketing (20 seats)
3. Visual Merchandising (20 seats)
4. Creative Fashion & Technology in Women’s Wear (20 seats)
5.  Creative Visual Design (20 seats)
6. Fashion Lifestyle & PR (20 seats)

Certificate Programme in Apparel Production Technology (20 seats)

Please click here for further information on the course details for your reference. Hope you can use it for your campus jotting section. Kindly treat on an urgent basis, as the deadline is 17th August 2011.



Librarian Pearl Academy

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