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Design students showcase their skills

CHENNAI: It’s not very often that one gets an opportunity to take have a glimpse of the inner workings of the mind of a fashion student. Which is why, when invited for Contempo 2011, held recently at the Pearl Academy campus, Nungambakkam, it was a pleasant surprise to find an open house of sorts of student displays across various levels of their course.

Ranjan De, Course Leader of the Foundation Course pointed out, “In the first year, we focus on encouraging students to use different materials and textures, rather the product. So that this can be used at a later stage.”

A miniature lampshade dressed up with glued-on bottle caps nearby, illustrates his point. Walking through the different rooms of the exhibition, one found finished clothing designs created by former students on display. The exhibits were complete with rich satin and victorian necklines.

source: IBN Live India



Librarian Pearl Academy

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