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Pearl Academy of Fashion partners with ICTRC to guide young minds

Pearl Academy of Fashion (PAF), India’s leading Fashion and Design Institute known for its internationally benchmarked quality of design education, participated in the National Symposium on Higher Education organized by Institute of Counselor Training Research Consultancy (ICTRC) in Association with Delhi Public School. PAF partnered with ICTRC with an objective of increasing the talent base available for the Fashion & Design Industry by providing successful career development guidance and skills to the senior students of the schools.

Ms Nien Siao, HOD Fashion Design, Pearl Academy of Fashion addressed the needs of students seeking careers in the highly competitive and rapidly evolving fashion and design Industry by sharing her expertise and best practices derived from her many years of being part of the industry.

“It is vital that we as educators are able to share the latest developments and nuances of the industry with the younger generation. Due to the phenomenal growth of the fashion and design industry, new career opportunities have emerged, and we need to share the latest trends, opportunities as well as challenges. India is fast becoming a major player in the global fashion arena and we must challenge our young minds to think globally,” she said.

As the supporting partner for the symposium, PAF aimed to provide the students with relevant information about careers and opportunities in the Fashion, Retail, Marketing, Design, Fashion and Apparel sectors.

The objective was to help students in their individual growth, training and development, educate and inspire more talented youngsters to take up fashion & designing as their future career. The Symposium was attended by over 1500 aspiring students.

National Symposium on Higher Education is a platform to attain deep understandings, learn, share and evolve with the experts in the various industries. The event witnessed the esteemed presence of Mr. Ashok Chandra – Chairman of DPS Society as the Chief Guest. Other dignitaries present were Dr. V.S. Ravindran – Director General, ICTRC, Mr. Somesh Singh – Jt. Director, IAM (Guest of Honor) and Ms. Aditi Misra – Principal, DPS School, Sector 45, Gurgaon.



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One thought on “Pearl Academy of Fashion partners with ICTRC to guide young minds

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