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Italian Designer Angela Missoni inaugurates IFFTI conference

The co-owner and creative director of Missoni S.p.A., renowned world over for its Italian flair, Angela Missoni is the Chief Guest of the 14th meeting of the International Foundation of Fashion Technology Institutes (IFFTI) which is being hosted by Pearl Academy of Fashion in Jaipur from 17-21 March, 2012.

While Missoni S.p.A has yet to establish retail presence in India, the bold and distinct design house is renowned for its constant presence on the red carpet and other significant events across India. Angela Missoni’s presence at the conference has given a tremendous boost to the students and faculty of Pearl Academy of Fashion.

Missoni, who is returning to India after a hiatus of 20 years, is fascinated with the pace of growth and sophistication of the design sector, and feels that India is poised to make its mark on the global fashion map. She has been invited to India by the Pearl Academy of Fashion in an effort to grow links in the world of fashion and design between India and Italy.

“I am always very impressed when I see the potential of a creative talent and I like to support it by sharing my experience with young aspiring designers all over the world,” said Missoni.

A.K.G. Nair, Group Director, Pearl Academy of Fashion said, “We have some of the most creative minds amongst us, but exposure and access to the best resources, ideas and talent from around the world is key to success. Having someone like Angela Missoni share her experiences with our students is part of our efforts to create a truly global and relevant industry experience at Pearl.”

Last year, PAF sent 44 students to the prestigious NABA Academy in Milan, where Angela Missoni will serve as faculty from 2013. This year, more than 70 students from PAF will be part of NABA’s Summer School.

Sharad Mehra, Chief Operating Officer, Pearl Academy of Fashion said, “The fashion and design sector holds immense promise, more so for talented individuals equipped with the right skills-set. This is especially critical with the increasingly globalized economy and the discerning taste of younger consumers who have changed the landscape of the industry. Diffusion lines and high street fashion requires having a pulse on economic and fashion trends, and industry icons such as Angela Missoni can help our students and faculty, along with the other participants understand the nuances and growth areas of this sector”.

Fashion and design is one of the fastest growing sectors in India today, valued at 294 thousand crore per annum, with biggest growth drivers being Fashion Accessories, Home and Interior, Apparel, Jewellery and Footwear sectors.




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