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Exchanging Ideas and Culture

by Neerja Palisetty (Faculty, PAF Jaipur)

In the Textile Design Department at the Pearl Academy of Fashion Jaipur Campus currently we have with us 6 students from Nottingham Trent University and 2 students from Herriot Watt University for the Exchange Programme.

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The idea was to give the students a wholesome experience of our rich Indian culture. They were taken to various places like Anokhi mueseum, Anokhi workshop, Sanganer, Bagru, Walled City, City Palace. The students were so excited that they also visited Agra, Bathed with the elephants. The exuberance of the walled city enamoured them to, try and drape the sari like an Indian women.

There was an interactive session planned with the exchange programme students from NTU and Herriot Watt students on Monday 2nd April 2012. During this session the students spoke about their universities, the courses they were pursuing, the similarities and differences in our courses and the unique experiences they have had at PAF Jaipur and in India. During the course of discussion they showed us some of the initial explorations done by them as one of the class room assignments. These were created at the workshop of Ms. Pallavi Sharma, Indian wear Designer. They all enjoyed the working on the adda themselves making their own samples

Source: AP Gauda, (Librarian – PAF Jaipur)


Librarian Pearl Academy

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