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Pearl Academy of Fashion Offers Professional Diploma in Fashion and Lifestyle E-commerce

Industry research indicates a need for professionals who understand the “business” of e-commerce, and who can work alongside the technical team to create a successful e-commerce platform.

Consumer research of a sample of 250 college students indicates that 41% of students would probably or definitely pursue a professional programme in E-commerce, and 77% of these students would probably or definitely pursue the programme at the Pearl Academy of Fashion.

This programme fulfills the industry need for graduates who understand the world of e commerce and web marketing. It has been developed by and is delivered in conjunction with key professionals from this Industry.

The Pearl Academy of Fashion (PAF)

PAF is India’s leading private provider of fashion and design education. PAF has a 17 year history, has campus operations in Delhi, NOIDA, Chennai and Jaipur, and currently has approximately 2,000 undergraduate and postgraduate students. PAF is student centric, industry linked, and is global.

Programme Structure and Audience

The program is articulated into 3 sections:

A. Foundation, Analysis & Application. During the Foundation phase the students are taught about E-commerce, Web Store Design, Marketing & the Fashion & Lifestyle Industry.

B. With the help of Industry Experts they are then taken to the next level where the students understand and analyze E-commerce Business Strategy, Digital marketing including SEO, SMM, Affiliate Marketing, Web Analytics, Customer Relationship Management and Entrepreneurship.

C. Finally the student may select one of three options: to get further exposure on E-marketing from an international partner institute, to be attached to an E-commerce company or be mentored while setting up an Eventure of their own.

The program is ideal for graduates with or without work experience who are looking to be a part of the exciting world of e-commerce either as professionals or entrepreneurs.

Career Opportunities

a. The Fashion and Lifestyle E-commerce Industry

b. Any other vertical of the E-commerce industry (travel, retail, etc.)

c. E-entrepreneurs

d. Consultants or designers to the industry.

Industry Partnership

Industry will play a major role in defining the curriculum, delivery (guest lectures, industry visits, part-time faculty), work experience (internships and employment). The programme would create professionals who are highly employable and can “hit the ground running”.




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