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Hindustan Tin Works Ltd and Pearl Academy join hands for Sustainable Design Fashion Workshop for Canvironment Week 2012

MS. Cora with Mr. AtitHindustan Tin Works Ltd has partnered with Pearl Academy for developing lifestyle and fashion garments using metal cans and scraps during a sustainability design fashion workshop held at Pearl campus. Canvironment Week 2012, the unique initiative by Hindustan Tin Works Ltd, for highlighting the sustainability credentials of cans has been kick started by Mr. Atit Bhatia, Senior Vice President, Hindustan Tin Works Ltd.

Every year Canvironment Week is organized to support the cause of ‘Save Our Planet’. It is the third in the series of the global event spread across 11 countries promoting sustainability of metal cans. Canvironment week aims to promote and create awareness about the benefits of usage of cans, the vital one being its Eco-friendly nature.

Top fifteen garments will be selected and showcased during a fashion showcase event to be held in January 2013 in two cities Delhi and Mumbai. Two winners will be selected who will be awarded a sum of Rs 30,000 and Rs 20,000 respectively. To encourage student participation Mrs. Sakshi Narula, owner of Krasns Couture and pearl alumni delivered a motivational speech to the students.

Speaking during the formal announcement of the competition Mr. Atit Bhatia, Senior Vice President, Hindustan Tin Works Ltd said, ‘We are using fashion as delivery vehicle for the students to get involved in an environmental campaign that promotes sustainability. This activity has been very successful in the last two years and we are looking for an excellent outcome by the Pearl Academy students this year.’

Ms Cora Goteman, HOD, Fashion Design, Pearl Academy, said “Sustainability is at the core of design and is embedded within the curriculum at Pearl Academy. The Canvironment Competition set up by Hindustan Tin Works is an opportunity for our students to explore and contribute creatively towards this idea. We look forward to exciting and meaningful outcomes”.


Source : Report by India Education bureau, New Delhi, Wednesday, Dec 05, 2012.

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