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Designer Sunil Mehra felicitated by Pearl Academy

Contribution to luxury menswear couture to Sunil Mehra. A glamorous evening was hosted recently by Pearl Academy.

Sunil Mehra received award for his contribution to luxury men’s wear couture. Mr Sunil Mehra being in the spheres of fashion and art for more than two decades now has carved a niche for himself in luxury.

His label embodies the two world of Hi end fashion and spiritualism together.

Some of the guest who attended the event were Sunil Sethi , Ranna Gill , Vineet Bahl , Rahul Mishra , Asheeta Chhabra , Heena Chhabra to name a few…



The label Sunil Mehra inspired by the blue Lord Krishna bridges our rich spiritual heritage with contemporary world of art and fashion for a very poetic experience.All his creations are woven in natural threads.


Being in the fashion industry for more than two decades now designer Sunil Mehra has carved a niche for himself in luxury clothing kepeing in focus his passionate bhakti for Krishna and his eye on perfection.

Quote below by Sunil Mehra:


“i would like to thank Pearl Academy for the honor. This award is an inspiration for all to come up here someday, so this is not just for me but for all of us to share. To me, Krishna is the only designer, I’m just a medium to create what he wants us to create.”

Source: Tuesday, 21 May 2013 14:56 Mens




Librarian Pearl Academy

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