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Welcome to the Knowledge hub of Pearl Academy– The Library

The PA Library and information Centre (PAF LIC) was set up in 1993 to facilitate systematic storage and  dissemination of information relating to the fashion  and apparel industry. The pearl library holds a comprehensive and up- to-date collection of knowledge resources – printed, multimedia and electronic – relating to every aspect of art, design and fashion industry. It is adequately resourced to supplement your learning process at the academy.

The Pearl Academy Library ( Pearl Library) has been designed to facilitate systematic storage and dissemination of information related to art, design, fashion, textile, apparel and retail industry. Since its inception. The Library Resource Centre has grown from strength to strength, and is today consider as on of the leading centres of its type in the country. It is now available across five campuses in India at New Delhi, Jaipur, Noida, Chennai and Mumbai.

It is organized as per international standards and is fully  automated. Pearl Library offers excellent ambience for conductive learning.



Lending service: Students are allowed to borrow two books and two bound volumes of periodicals at a time.

Reference service: All the resources in the Library are available for reference to the students. Such resources include: reference books, current issues of periodicals, project reports and  audio-visual material among others. Trained staff is always available to help students locate the right resource.

Photocopying service: Students are welcome to get photocopies of any printed material available in the Library (subject to copyright restrictions) on payment of a nominal charge of Re 1 per page.

Scanning of documents: Self-help facility for scanning of documents is provided in the library.

Laptops: Students are allowed to bring laptops (cases to be deposited at the property counter) to the Library

Color service: Pantone Textile Color Specifier (paper edition) chips are available for purchase in the Library. However the Pantone Textile Color Specifier (cotton edition) is available for reference only.

Press clipping service: News clippings relating to fashion industry, textiles, retailing etc available in the Library.  Library staff scans all leading Indian newspapers to update the same. Students are welcome to make use of these records.

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