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Pearl Utsav: “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” Indeed, in the creative disciplines, extra-curricular activities are closely linked with the formal curriculum. It is an event organized annually by students to serve as a platform for demonstrating talent in music, drama, dance, and other performing arts.


Portfolio: Each year, the students of Fashion Design showcase their final collections at a public ramp event called ‘PORTFOLIO’. At this even, counted proudly among all prestigious fashion events, dignitaries from government and business, and families of students form the audience. Fashion Designers and the media spot budding talent. Television channels interview the achievers who are conferred following awards: Most innovative collection, Most wearable collection, Most avant-grade collection, Best design collection, Best Jury award.


Bottomline: It is an event that marks the culmination of knowledge and skills gained by Fashion Marketing students through their 2-years Post Graduate Diploma Programme in PAF. The FMG students are given “branding” problems from the fashion industry.


Fabric Folio: The Tex-Styles Fair is an annual event organized by the International Trade Promotion Organization of the Ministry of Commerce & Industry to showcase Indian textiles to the world. It is attended by more than 3000 buyers from across the globe.

On Invention of ITPO, the Academy showcases trend-based fabric samples created by Textile Design students every year in a pavilion called ‘FABRIC FOLIO.’


Synthesis: This is a forum for students pursuing business courses to present their final research projects to the business community in a highly professional setting. Recipients of ‘Innovative Research Awards’, ‘Outstanding Research Awards’ and ‘Practical Research Awards’ make formal presentation and address queries raised by industry members. All students have a chance to exhibit their work as posters and to interact with industry visitors on one-on-one basis.


Thread Works: ‘THREAD WORKS’ is an exhibition of the Textile Design final year students projects, and is visited by renowned textile designers representing the home fashion and textile industry. ‘THREAD WORKS’ offers the industry a glimpse of the varied and multitude creative talent in the Academy.


International Conferences & Continuum: Every two years, the Academy organizes an International Conference inviting distinguished design, management, technology and retail professionals from all over the world to speak on current themes and topics.

CONTINUUM 06 focused on ‘Global Fashion Leadership: Evolving Directions and Future Perspectives’, with 12 overseas speakers. International Conference 2008 organized jointly with the North India Section of the Textile Institute (NISTI) focused on Sustainability for the fashion & Textile sectors.

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  1. an excellently maintained blog!really helpful in keeping me updated on PAF and it’s events..keep up the good work!:)

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