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Pearl Academy alumna Pooja Verma won the prestigious International Design Awards (IDS) in Los Angeles, USA

Pearl Academy has been named as one of the best private fashion and design schools in India by various prominent surveys..

PA NEWS TOI 5-7-16 P 2

Source:  Delhi Times (TOI)  dated 05/07/2016,  P. No. 02

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Pearl faculty Mr. Shoyeb H Cyclewala’s article got featured in Hindustan Times, a leading english daily

Mr. Shoyeb talks about Luxury Brand Management, how it is different from retail management, skill sets required for this course, what career path to be expected and what to be expected from an institute.


Source: HT Education, 25.05.2016, Page No. 03

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Pearl Faculty Michael Dotolo’s article got featured in Hindustan Times, a leading english daily

Mr. Michael talks about the communication design , how fashion media communication  is different from communication design, interesting jobs in the field of communication design , skill sets required and how to select a design school for this course.


Source: HT Education, 11.05.2016, Page No. 3

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Landmark Collaboration: The Fashion Design Council of India (FDCI) joins hands with Pearl Academy to bring the best fashion programs in India

This association will provide an opportunity for both students and faculty of the academy to engage with the top names from the industry, giving them exposure to the latest trends and techniques in the fashion industry.

Portfoilo 2016 News

Source: Times of India, 11.05.2016, Page No. 03