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International case study competition on Fashion Retail & Marketing


Pearl Academy of Fashion & LDT Nagold, Germany are organizing international conference, a part of the Continuum, Competition on Fashion Retailing & Marketing.  

It invites original submission of case studies relating to the theme of the competition: Fashion Retailing & Marketing. The authors may choose any of the ten sub themes (listed later). Ideal case studies will focus on associating the findings of the chosen theme with the sub-theme itself. The case studies should be original work of the author. It should not have been published or been approved for publishing in print or online. The competition is open to faculty members, trainers, researchers, students, consultants and working professionals. The case study can be an individual’s work or can be group-work also. However a group can have a maximum of three people only.  

 Theme of Case Studies: 

 The list of sub-themes to be cover is given below. The participant or group of participants will have to make sure that their case study is aligned with the theme of ‘Fashion Retailing and Marketing’ and contributes to the growth of overall knowledge in the domain.  

 A. Fashion & Lifestyle Retailing  B. Fashion & Marketing C. Visual Merchandising 

 D. Fashion Design & Retail         E. Luxury Retailing        F. Buying & Merchandising 

 G. Retail Marketing & Branding  H. Retail Operations   I. Strategy, Research & Planning                      

 J. Sustainability

click for further information: continuum     

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